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    yes I have, but is was version 1.0

    deactivating and removing it, and installing version 1.2 gave me the option


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    Great, this works!

    I’m using the FJ Stacks slider, and not the FrontPage theme one.

    The FT Stacks slider was set to 500 px (what was also reflected in the post thumbnail editor), but the (disabled) Theme Slider was set to 350 px.

    Changing this as well to 500 px solved the issue.

    Apparently the theme slider settings overrule the stack slider settings (I assume only when on the FrontPage), even if the theme slider is disabled.

    Maybe some small room for improvement as one would not expect this behaviour, anyhow many thanks for the help!

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    The site is:

    Even after the theme update and with slider set to 500 px, the post thumbnail with 1920 x 500 in post thumbnail editor, is being cut-off on a wide screen.

    The example is the girl jumping on the horse on the FrontPage slider, in post thumbnail editor you can see her head.

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    thx for the reply, but I’m still trying to figure out how to get a decent image on the slider, or in other words what is the best image size

    Your answers suggests that setting the slider height to 685px would solve the issue, but it doesn’t. Is 500px the maximum slider height?

    This is what I did;

    + set slider height to 500px

    + scale my image to 1920 wide

    + crop the image, I tested the following sizes:

    1920 x 500

    1920 x 400

    1920 * 300

    Only the latter one (300 high) maintains its appearance on the wide 20inch screen.

    I cannot understand the logic behind this, one would expect that the 1920 x 500 fits in nicely, what am I doing wrong?

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