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    hi Sayhir,

    Thanks for your reply – I actually managed to resolve this in the end but hadn’t had a chance to add to this post yet.

    I think I must have either deleted a bit more than I needed too or not enough when I tried adding the above code into the loop file.

    I had to create a child theme to help solve something else and so ended up adding child loop files e.g. loop-category.php to override the standard loop for the relevant pages.

    Just out of interest how would this be achieved in the Grpahene post-specific options as I couldn’t see anything in there allowing images or custom fields to be displayed in an excerpt.

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    I managed to solve this in the end.

    1. created child theme

    2. created child css

    3. created loop-category.php in my child theme

    4. amended the css class for excerpts so I could style excerpts differently to the full post.

    Kind Regards


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    Just realised that the links I provided no longer work due to some changes I have made to the site since so just wanted to add some new ones as I don’t seem to be able to edit my original post now.

    Page just showing one post (full post) –

    Page showing exceprts –

    Kind Regards


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