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    Waiting for your answer, I was trying stupid solutions, and I found out ! Quickly but lucky, I don’t understand why…

    First time, I had created my new category trough the Category Panel (Posts < Catgeories). My new category wasn’t working withe the Graphene Slide.

    Second time, I erased this ******* ****** category from my back office. And I created it again, but this time, through the Post Edition Panel (right column, add a category).

    Right after, I tried to enable the Graphene Slider with this “new” category, and it perfectly works !

    Hoping not to have bother you, and my problem will be usefull for someone else.

    And sorry for my English level !

    ++ David

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    Thx for your graphene theme, it’s a good one. But I have a problem with the slider, that I can’t fix…

    I wanted to create a “featured” (“A la une” in French) category to highlihgt special post on the homepage slider. But, when I enable the slider, with my “A la Une” category, the slider remains white, without any post to show (of course, I tagged several posts as “A la une”). With another category (called “actualites-decryptees”), I have the same problem.

    But with all the other categories (“actualites-pratiques” or “autres-actualites”), that perferctly works !!!!

    Do you have any idea why my “a-la-une” category doesn’t work with the slider ?


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