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  • RikuXan


    Would it be hard for you to implement a feature, that allows us to pick single posts for the slider, most favourably some kind of multiple choice list of all posts. I would really be happy to see this in some of the next versions, if it’s not too much work.




    Syahir Hakim


    The current slider option already has the capability to implement what you requested. You can create a new category (for example, a “Featured” category), and then assign all posts that you want to be displayed on the slider to that category.

    Then in the theme’s options page, select the “Featured” category as the category to be displayed in the slider.




    Thx for your graphene theme, it’s a good one. But I have a problem with the slider, that I can’t fix…

    I wanted to create a “featured” (“A la une” in French) category to highlihgt special post on the homepage slider. But, when I enable the slider, with my “A la Une” category, the slider remains white, without any post to show (of course, I tagged several posts as “A la une”). With another category (called “actualites-decryptees”), I have the same problem.

    But with all the other categories (“actualites-pratiques” or “autres-actualites”), that perferctly works !!!!

    Do you have any idea why my “a-la-une” category doesn’t work with the slider ?




    Waiting for your answer, I was trying stupid solutions, and I found out ! Quickly but lucky, I don’t understand why…

    First time, I had created my new category trough the Category Panel (Posts < Catgeories). My new category wasn’t working withe the Graphene Slide.

    Second time, I erased this ******* ****** category from my back office. And I created it again, but this time, through the Post Edition Panel (right column, add a category).

    Right after, I tried to enable the Graphene Slider with this “new” category, and it perfectly works !

    Hoping not to have bother you, and my problem will be usefull for someone else.

    And sorry for my English level !

    ++ David

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