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    I think I’ve figured it out. I need Feedburner and then I need to do a plug in such as FD Feedburner. This will expand my RSS so users have more options for subscriptions (including email) and I can monitor/analyze my stats.

    Any one have thoughts on this solution?


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    Thanks Kenneth – I think (actually make that I know) I’m still confused. My site automatically had the RSS button on it and it looks set up. ( but because it was automatically there I didn’t need to do anything on feedburner.

    1) how do I monitor stats (i.e. track # of followers)

    2) how do I make it so people can subscribe by email – such as on this blog: ?

    3) Is there a simple way to add a subscribe button or link at the bottom of each of my posts?

    Thanks!! I really appreciate it. It’s my first time blogging on my own with no design team. I’m figuring it all out as I go!



    schmidtysays – you are the best! Thanks so much. I’ve tried every way possible to change my view post button to red. Your code did the trick! Thanks!


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    Kim – I’ve followed your instructions and tried changing in both custom CSS and in the master style.css. and my View Post button is still blue – even though there is no blue coding left in there (that I know of!). When I scroll over it turns red for just a moment but goes back to blue.

    Any help here is much appreciated! Thanks!!


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