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  • cynthia


    Love the Graphene theme! It’s my first go at blogging and I’m finding everything very easy to follow! I do have one question on the RSS feed button…which may come across as so very basic that I do apologize!

    The RSS feed button was automatically on the top – which I love, but when I click it there is no option to get via email? Is that something I need to sign up for? And to that point: how do I view feed stats and also add a link at the bottom of each post to the extent of “to subscribe click here.”



    Kenneth John Odle


    When you subscribe to an RSS feed, it gets saved as a bookmark. I keep mine in my bookmark toolbar. When I click on one, a list of recent articles come up, and then I can just click on the newest one. RSS allows readers to keep up with your latest posts without actually having to visit your site first. (Not all browsers will act as RSS feed reader. Firefox does, which is why I highly recommend it.)

    You can see this Youtube video for a good, simple explanation.

    As for a “subscribe by email” option, there are a number of plugins that will do this for you. But RSS is really easier, because WordPress handles it for you and you have to do nothing.




    Thanks Kenneth – I think (actually make that I know) I’m still confused. My site automatically had the RSS button on it and it looks set up. ( but because it was automatically there I didn’t need to do anything on feedburner.

    1) how do I monitor stats (i.e. track # of followers)

    2) how do I make it so people can subscribe by email – such as on this blog: ?

    3) Is there a simple way to add a subscribe button or link at the bottom of each of my posts?

    Thanks!! I really appreciate it. It’s my first time blogging on my own with no design team. I’m figuring it all out as I go!




    Kenneth John Odle


    A subscribe button or link — try this link to plugins that handle that.

    Stats — I’m not sure about that, because I don’t worry about it myself. You can try searching the WordPress Codex.

    Good luck,




    I think I’ve figured it out. I need Feedburner and then I need to do a plug in such as FD Feedburner. This will expand my RSS so users have more options for subscriptions (including email) and I can monitor/analyze my stats.

    Any one have thoughts on this solution?


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