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    Thanks for the new 1.7 version and thanks for adding this feature. I am enjoying this feature at me website

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    For the gallery there are plenty of plugins but for portfolio, there are few and most of them doesn’t work properly. The major difference is, nextgen or other gallery will not pull images from post feature image. This is where “Portfolio” plays a major role.

    This was just the thought, appreciated for the response.

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    Okay, I am able to solve the 2nd request with the below code but still wondering about the slider image, will be great help if someone can add some light.

    .home {background-image: url('');

    background-repeat: no-repeat;

    background-position: top center;

    background-position-x: 50%;

    background-position-y: 0%;

    background-attachment: fixed;


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    I am still using the previous one, that’s work for me.

    But still I am having a issue where slider is not showing the full image, it is showing only a portion of image which can fit in the slider size. Please see here

    I more thing I like to ask, how can I remove background image other than homepage? I want to show only in the home, that is here

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    If I understand you correctly, you want to disable the widgets for certain pages. If yes then edit those pages and select the “Template” as “One Column, No Sidebar”.

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    Put this in your css under Graphene Options–>Display–>Custom CSS

    .post-411 {

    display: none;


    Note: 411 is post id (static page id) change it if you decide to change the page)

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    Thank you so much. I have added your child theme and above code, it is working fine exactly how I wanted. I am loving this theme and support you guys are providing.

    Taking this advantage, I would like to ask 2 things.

    1. Display slider images as random images from a category (I have requested here as well

    2. Register a single column widget in front page. (I know this theme has lot of options to register widgets but I am short of idea since I have hidden header, sidebars & post in my website home Still I am managing to display one widget which register before “Panes” and hiding those panes, may not be the right way to do).

    Thanks in advance…

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    Oh I forgot, you are using a child theme. How can I do without child theme?

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    Please bare with me, do you mean I need to include this in theme-slider.php?

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    What should I do if I want to add on “Posts Page”, not in Front page?

    I am using front page as welcome page where I would like to have a promotional slider without header, sidebar & footer. And I am using “Posts Page” as my home page.

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