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    Gotcha, Luko, I skimmed those articles, esp. 3rd one. Yes, as you say, basically don’t use !important unless desperate & then remember, it’s probably altering some natural order of priority cascading down the code line!

    Without that DFR javascript in the child’s style.css, your working code works nicely & doesn’t need !important now. The secondary menu labels display as typed in Title Case. Easier to read & more room too!

    Again, thanks, mate.

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    Very sorry, everyone. After installing Child Theme Configurator plugin, in my excitement I mistakenly edited the wrong files for 2 separate codes obtained from Datafeedr & you knowledgeable folks at Graphene.

    I had DFR’s search javascript above your menu override code, which stopped the style working. DUH! I’ve now removed Datafeedr’s javascript & put in the header.php file where it’s supposed to go.

    And I’ve placed your code, Luko, into the style.css of the child theme. It works perfectly, thank you muchly. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS I’ve been recommended to use !important before now with other code edits. How does this statement usually work?

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    Sorry, Skivey, I should have said I was using Custom WordPress menus. Graphene has a style override that turns the secondary menu items into UPPERCASE, from whatever case I type!

    Looking at Kenneth’s code suggestion, I’ve found what Graphene’s style.css is set at:

    #secondary-menu > li {

    font: normal 11px arial;

    margin: 0 5px;

    text-transform: uppercase;


    I’m using Child Theme Configurator version 1.6.4 plugin to manage any theme files I modify. After copying Kenneth’s code รขโ‚ฌโ€œ or my version below:

    #secondary-menu > li {

    font: normal 11px arial;

    margin: 0 5px;

    text-transform: none;


    into the child theme’s style.css & saving it, then refreshing the browser, it’s still UPPERCASE.

    However, pasting the new code into Graphene’s original style.css does work. But then if it’s not kept in the child theme’s version, when updates occur, I’ll have to redo. Hmmm??

    I’m not really sure how code works between child & parent. Am I supposed to copy the ENTIRE CONTENTS of style.css then do individual edits like this to the relevant lines of code in the child version?

    Please clarify.

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    Bought Neo a coupla hours ago, Kenneth. Followed your instructions implicitly. Whacko!

    After a few little tweaks to Neo’s settings (to suit mobile usage), our main Graphene website now works amazingly well on Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone etc.

    Next step is to do all the right things with Datafeedr integration of affiliated Android & hi-tech gadgetry products, so we can monetise this site properly.

    Will send the URL in a separate post when we’re happy to show it off in the Graphene forums. Thanks again, mate.

    PS Hello, Syahir. You folks really do great web stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Many thanks, Kenneth. Clear & concise explanation. Have downloaded Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin in readiness.

    Shall now go ahead & purchase make it happen!

    Enjoy the Festive Season. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thanks for replying, Kenneth. I did find that link generally helpful.

    However, the question I still need answering is: With our existing Graphene websites, after buying Neo, what steps do I carry out with them for Neo to do its magic?

    Is it just a matter of installing the Neo plugin on those Graphene sites & ticking some “Activate with Graphene” option?

    A screenshot & a short sentence describing the step/s required would make me happy… then I can click to buy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Duh, forget that post of mine. ;(

    I just spotted the pale grey Export Presets button to the right of the main button. Got it now!

    PS Many thanks for that function, Syahir. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Hey, Bob, I just found out that Graphene now has the much awaited ability to save colour combinations as presets.

    Do you know where the color export preset file gets saved?

    After saving it with a name, I wasn’t given the option of where on my PC to save it.

    PS Got a nice pink-&-purple scheme on you can tweak, when I can find the preset file!

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    Thanks for replying, Prasanna. You make it sound very straightforward!

    I’ll have some free time tomorrow (Sunday) to follow your directions, including setting up a child theme to suit (as per

    Shall post back here when done.

    Hey, Syahir, back again. After recording any custom colours used, I updated Graphene on our other 5 sites.

    And of course, Murphy’s 2nd Law came into play: When you’re prepared, it never goes wrong!

    Smooth as silk. The first one must have been a freak of the Internet. Thanks again.

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