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    Well, the language used on the graphene theme options page is “save.” There is no “apply.” I can “save all options” or “save options” (at the bottom) to save/apply/initiate the color changes. I can also “save current setting as preset.”

    I was trying to “save/apply/initiate” the settings and nothing changed. That is no longer the case, it’s working appropriately. I still would like to be able to save “every” color setting when I “save current setting as preset.” That function only saves color I have modified. It does “not” lock in a color that might be a default when I “save current setting as preset.” Am I explaining that adequately?



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    The defaults work, but none of my saved presets. Also, the Primary and Secondary menu don’t change at all.

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    Ouch…here’s what I discovered.

    If you take an existing preset and modify various elements/color, it only saves the things you change. If you want the default content color saved into your preset, you have to manually choose that color and “set it” before you save it. If not, when you load a preset it only loads elements that you’ve changed before you originally saved it.

    That is frustrating to me 🙁

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    Yep…every time I find a good color scheme, I save it as a preset in WordPress, “and” export it as an individual preset someone to my computer. It’s simply a TXT file, so that’s easy enough. I’m just waiting to find someone who’s spent time creating their own presets (as TXT files) and feels gracious enough to share.

    The one issue I’ve discovered is that the presets that already exist in Graphene do “not” modify the main menu bars, etc. When you save your own, those changes are saved, but the native presets don’t touch those for some reason.

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    Good resources to help determine appropriate color matches, etc. I’m looking specifically for the presets that someone has already created in Graphene and exported. The export function from Graphene simply creates a TXT file with the info, then you can turn around and import them.



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