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    I cannot get my youtube playlist gallery to work and I traced it to the graphene theme. It has worked for many months, but recently there was another different plugin that created a glitch and I uninstalled that and it seemed to clean up the site except for not being able to click on all of the playlist gallery video thumbnails so they would be automatically entered into the main video player.

    I tried graphene on another website with the “youtube” plugin and it worked fine…..and when I changed themes in my existing site it worked in the new theme….so it must be that somehow the previous deleted plugin that created a glitch has possibly embedded some code into the graphene theme to make the youtube plugin not work correctly.

    I also went through all other active plugins…but none of them were a problem after deactivating them…the youtube plugin problem still remained.

    Can anyone help to fix this?

    Here is the website page…..and you can see how the video gallery thumbnails do not click through like they should, which would then place that video in the main player. The main video still plays fine.




    Followup Message: This problem has been fixed.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Robert,

    Glad to hear it’s been fixed. Could you please share how it was resolved for the benefit of other theme users?



    Actually after reloading my site from a backup which was done at a date previous to the last graphene update I was able to fix it, so now the thumbnails click to load each new video in the gallery to the main player…..however it seems that it was when the latest graphene update occured that caused it to not work so I cannot update to the latest version of graphene….unless I can discover how to fix it after I update graphene. I have many different youtube plugin pages so hopefully someone who has more experience than I do could come up with the solution to fix it.

    After reloading my site from a backup, I tested all other plugins for compatibility and removed a couple……and after updating all plugins….and updating to new wordpress version….the youtube plugin worked fine….but then when I updated to the most recent graphene….it had that problem again.

    The newest version of graphene seems to work fine with youtube on another site I tested it at that did not have the same plugins that I deleted….so not exactly sure what is happening….except maybe traces from the deleted incompatible 2 plugins.


    Syahir Hakim


    Can you perform the update to the latest version so that we can take a look at the issue?



    Thank You….ok……I just updated to the new version of graphene but at this other site….you can see that the main player video works fine but that the playlist gallery thumbnail video images should have the new “flash red arrow” in the center of each video thumbnail when you hover them and when clicked it then adds that video to the main player but as you can see it is not doing that now…..



    also as a reminder…if I change to a new theme the youtube plugin will work fine….or a new site install of graphene plus youtube plugin will also work fine..



    how long do you need to evaluate this website problem where I need to leave this website in the non working version so that visitors cannot click on video thumbnails?


    Syahir Hakim


    I can see the following script error on your site:

    Bootstrap's JavaScript requires jQuery version 1.9.1 or higher, but lower than version 4

    It looks like you’re loading jQuery 1.8.1 from Google Library, instead of the bundled jQuery in WordPress. If this functionality comes from a plugin, try see if there’s an option to load the latest version of jQuery.



    thank you…..can you tell me the exact steps to fix this? I dont have much experience …..I did look in the “youtube” plugin for an option that would say bundled jquery….but no option….


    Syahir Hakim


    Can you list down what are the plugins installed on your site?



    remember graphene worked with the “youtube” plugin in another site where I already checked and compared plugins with the sites that dont work. I have about 20 pages using the “youtube” plugin and about 3 other different sites.

    when I switch to a new theme….the youtube plugin works on all the pages and sites it did not work with graphene……so it would seem like you would want to discover how to make graphene compatible with the “youtube” plugin just like other themes seem to be doing.

    Just to note I also encountered another problem with graphene many months ago but did not have time to report…..which I will mention because maybe it is related to why this problem occurs……

    if you look at some of my pages on my websites…..there is no longer a border space between the edge of the page a nd the text….the text just goes right up next to the edge of the page….this happens in multiple page examples like posts and some welcome front pages…directory pages etc….so since it overlaps different type of pages it seems to be graphene theme related problem…..and when changing the theme that problem is removed…..

    instead of my listing the plugins….maybe you could discover these problems by accessing my site? If yes let me know how to send you my login info


    Syahir Hakim


    Graphene is using the Bootstrap framework, which requires jQuery version 1.9.1 and above. Other themes might not use Bootstrap, and your other sites might not be loading the older version of jQuery from Google Library CDN, which explains why the issue only happens on this particular site running on Graphene.

    We can’t change the Bootstrap framework, so the solution is to figure out which part of your site is causing it to load the older jQuery version. If this is caused by the YouTube plugin, then we’ll need to work with the developer to change it to load the latest version of jQuery. If it’s not, then we’ll need to figure out which plugin is responsible.

    You can send the login details using our contact form:

    Contact Us



    sent you the login info using your contact form



    here is a test site that the youtube plugin is working on with graphene latest updated version….but the theme was previously a different shopping theme……and youtube plugin worked with that ok…..and when I switched to graphene….it did not need to update the graphene……. but at other sites….it was when the youtube plugin was previously installed but graphene update occured and after update that caused the problem,….hope that helps…

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