Yellow window when I try to upload a photo.

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    Dear Kim, when I try to upload a photo to a post all I see is a yellow window when it open up. It was one of the issue that I has earlier today after I updated the theme, and now after I exchange it for the Child Theme this issue is still there.

    Do you know how to fix it??


    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm.. it’s probably not caused by the theme. Can you place a screenshot of the yellow window?



    Yes hmmmm… but how can place it here??



    Upload it to Your media catalog in WordPress

    Then copy the link to image & insert link here 🙂




    I see Your still Using English WordPress, is it the Spanish 3.1.3 WordPress

    Waiting in Your updates. It Just might correct things 🙂




    There isn’t a Spanish WP waiting for update. how did you figure out that? I just update the English version today, but nothing change about the yellow window.



    An update, I can edit photos already in the post, but still I can´t add any.



    My friend..

    Why not in Spanish:




    Kim I prefer english because the technical language issue. English is the standard and is much easier when handling customer support. So, please help me to have this fix it. I can´t add picture.


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