Widget floating and text color ? Please help asap

  • rachj



    How I can “centralize” the widget not right or left just in the center,

    Please see here,it doesnot look good:


    secondly how I can change the blue text color of the sticky first post ?




    1. The center tag is being deprecated. Instead, it’s best to use padding. You are inserting your image into the text widget like this:

    <img border="0" src="http://www.myfxbook.com/widgets/207097/medium.jpg">

    Instead of that code, try this one:

    <img border="0" style="padding-left:25px;" src="http://www.myfxbook.com/widgets/207097/medium.jpg">

    2. Do you mean the background color, not the text color? For the background, add this to your child theme or custom css:

    .sticky {
    background-color: #FFFFFF;

    You can, of course, change the hex color to whatever you like.

    EDIT: I don’t mean to criticize, but it is constructive criticism 🙂 Your header image is highly pixelated. In my opinion, it is distracting from the overall integrity of the rest of your site. Try to make an image which matches the dimensions of the header area. If you use a smaller image, it will be “stretched” to fit, causing pixelation.



    Thank you very much ,

    The second one didnot work , where exactly , name of section , I inserted it into style.css but didnot work ?



    Either enter it into your child theme stylesheet, at the very bottom. Or enter it into your custom CSS option (in your admin panel), at the very bottom.

    You don’t want to edit the themes stylesheet directly, as you will lose any modifications when you upgrade the theme.



    Can you tell me exactly how it is named , there no child theme name there ? different style names ?



    Go to your admin panel. Go to Appearance -> Graphene Options -> “Display” Tab -> Custom CSS

    Just paste the code I gave you above into the box and click update.



    Thank you very much Josh !



    My pleasure. And to answer your question, it is .sticky you would look for in the css. But, again, I strongly discourage making any changes to the themes default stylesheet.

    If you plan on doing modifications to your css, please create a child theme. It is quite simple, and will save you hours of headaches when it’s time to update.

    More can be found here in regards to creating a child theme:





    Re your comment about the image , I have image of 3648 × 2736 px but the theme only accept 1000 * 200 px ,

    I tried re-sizing using different programs incl. Photoshop and re-uploaded but still WP does the same and ask to crop the image ??

    any advice !




    Try making the image the exact size of the header. It should be 960px wide and 198px tall. If you use these exact dimensions, graphene won’t auto-crop the image. One pixel over, on either width or height, will cause it to be auto-cropped.

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