White bar across the page, and problem with pages!

  • Anonymous


    How are you viewing your functions.php file? Are you using the admin panel editor? Or are you using FTP?



    The white line looks great! Thanks so much again 🙂

    I am viewing it with the admin panel editor. It just says



    and there cursor stops at >



    Use question marks… not p’s.

    Jon Lynch


    or try <?php and ?>



    Yeah, did I use p’s in my video?? oh sh#t!! Gotta go change that, asap!!



    Ok, good. I had it right. Scared me.. lol. Sorry about changing the post above. I corrected it.


    Syahir Hakim


    To reiterate Jon’s suggestion, always use <?php instead of the shorthand <? to ensure maximum compatibility with all the different server versions and configs.



    Thanks so much everyone! It’s all good now 🙂

    Josh, sorry, for some reason I saw P’s in your video instead of ?’s. I think at that moment I had it in a small window so I couldn’t see it clearly enough. Didn’t mean to scare you there!



    No worries! Thanks for the advice Syahir. I didn’t know this could result in server incompatibilities.

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