Where is the pager with "Static Page"

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    I’m a french man, and excuse me for my english but it’s not easy for me.

    When I validate the static page for my homepage, my pager does not appear !

    Today, I have 70 news in my website and I need the pager

    Does anyone has an idea?

    Currently, I handed the normal display visible here :





    Does anyone has an idea for my question ?



    What is a “pager”?



    Hello Josh and thank you for your replies !

    Excuse me for my english but, it’s not easy for me.

    My homepage with normal display and, the “pager” is here :

    My home with Static Page otion :



    In reality, I would like organized my home page like this :

    Left side, current page, and right side, desired page

    Is it most clear for you or not ?



    Oh! Ok, this time you clarified what is “Pager” in your views! 😉

    I’m busy now, will take a look at your problem later..



    OK Prasanna, Thank you very much !!!

    Simply, I don’t need a static page.

    I need a home page with 2 news per line (see drawning)



    I think the home page of the following website (for the display of news) is what I want :



    Kenneth John Odle


    Try using a static home page with homepage panes enabled, but excerpts disabled. That’s what I did, except I prefer excerpts.



    Hello and thank you for your replies !

    I don’t understand : ” but excerpts disabled ” ?!?!?

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