Where is the pager with "Static Page"

  • timorous me



    I’m a french man, and excuse me for my english but it’s not easy for me.

    When I validate the static page for my homepage, my pager does not appear !

    Today, I have 70 news in my website and I need the pager

    Does anyone has an idea?

    Currently, I handed the normal display visible here :


    Alain RONK



    Does anyone has an idea for my question ?



    What is a “pager”?

    Alain RONK


    Hello Josh and thank you for your replies !

    Excuse me for my english but, it’s not easy for me.

    My homepage with normal display and, the “pager” is here :

    My home with Static Page otion :

    Alain RONK


    In reality, I would like organized my home page like this :

    Left side, current page, and right side, desired page

    Is it most clear for you or not ?

    Prasanna SP


    Oh! Ok, this time you clarified what is “Pager” in your views! 😉

    I’m busy now, will take a look at your problem later..

    Alain RONK


    OK Prasanna, Thank you very much !!!

    Simply, I don’t need a static page.

    I need a home page with 2 news per line (see drawning)

    Alain RONK


    I think the home page of the following website (for the display of news) is what I want :



    Kenneth John Odle


    Try using a static home page with homepage panes enabled, but excerpts disabled. That’s what I did, except I prefer excerpts.

    Alain RONK


    Hello and thank you for your replies !

    I don’t understand : ” but excerpts disabled ” ?!?!?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Go to:

    Graphene Options >> Display >> Excepts Display Options



    I can see different ways of achieving this:

    If you want to keep the Graphene theme, then you could use the 3 column layout, and in one of the widget columns, you place a widget which lists short notices, and then you make sure that the same “notices” category is not included in the main list of posts on your front page.

    Another, much trickier, approach could be to use the plugin Kalins post list to achieve what you want. But, in order to get it nice, you may need to go rather deep into CSS and other things.

    As a matter of fact, the web page you refer to, http://www.khairul-syahir.com uses a different theme. I don’t know if that theme is publicly available. A theme I’ve seen, which could be closer to what you’re looking for, is “Magazine Basic”.

    Alain RONK


    Hello Tobif and thank you for replies !

    What I seek is not easy to implement. I look at the plugin Kalin’s, but I do not know enough CSS. Too bad …

    Thank you anyway !!!


    Kenneth John Odle


    @Alain Ronk

    Check two of my blogs:

    http://test.kjodle.net/blog/ and http://blog.kjodle.net/

    Is that how you would like things to look? If so, this is the static front page using Graphene’s “homepage panes” option.

    Alain RONK


    Hello Kennet John Odle !

    The display of your blog http://test.kjodle.net/blog/ is great!

    But how is it to read the other news? There is no pager at the bottom of page !

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