Where are the social media icon paths located in 1.7.1 style.css?

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    Hi All,

    After updating to 1.7.1 my custom social media icons lost. Where can I find the path definitions of the default icons now?

    Thanks in advance…



    Are you referring to the ones in your top header bar? With your search box?

    I can see them fine. Try hitting Ctrl+F5 to hard-refresh your browser window.

    NOTE: I do see the text “skype” over your skype icon. I am using Opera (not sure if it displays the same in other browsers).



    Sorry, I see what you are asking.

    Just re-upload your custom icons… and enter the new URL into the box for the corresponding icon’s image path.



    Dear Josh,

    I don’t see what you mean.

    In Graphene 1.7, I replaced the default social media icons via my custom ‘style.css’ like this:

    ‘.mysocial { background: url(images/social_rss_icon_white.png) no-repeat top left; width: 32px; height: 32px; }

    .mysocial-icon { width: 32px; height: 32px; }

    .social-facebook{ background-image: url(images/social_facebook_icon_white.png); }

    and so on…’

    Now I cannot find these classes in the new version (1.7.1) css file, so I don’t know where the icon definitions come from.

    What do you mean to re-upload my custom icons? They are still located in my graphene-child directory, I just don’t know how to refer to them…

    And what do you mean “enter the new URL into the box for the corresponding icon’s image path”?



    Yeah, I just updated to 1.7.1 and didn’t see those .social-(media) classes. I used to use sprite image for those social media icons. It is somewhere useless now without the classes. It is probably using img tag for getting icons instead of background CSS. I didn’t get enough time to look into it. I’ll look for a solution ASAP.



    Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, Prasanna!

    Thank you in advance for your efforts.



    What is it exactly you are trying to do? Use custom images for your social sharing icons?






    We can use custom images for social media icons. But, with each icon having a class name, we could use a single sprite image for all social media icons.



    Why not just upload it via the “top bar” settings in the admin panel.

    Instead of selecting youtube, or facebook… select custom.

    That will open the icon url box for a custom icon.

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