Upgraded to Graphene 2.4 And Slider Background Changed

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    Syahir Hakim


    Try adding this code to Additional CSS:

    .home .post {
    	background: none;







    my slider background color was changed to white after last theme update…..how can I change it back to the brown slider background I had previously…..slider caption background color is still set correctly to the brown color….but it comes out white….

    also had a conflict with a plugin which I removed…..this conflict made the text of my post in the slider card….not stay left justified…but centered….and it took away the photos from each post within the card slider option….but the background color was retained as the correct one….not turned white like the above problem…..

    that plugin which has been a helpful one…but which I had to remove…..is the Remove Query Strings From Static Resources



    still need help with this….as I deactivated all other plugins and the slider background color option in the customizer still does not work….I have it set for a brown color but only a white slider background shows up……seems like a glitch in your last update



    I also followed the previous suggestion for adding a code to the additional css….but that just changed the page background….not the slider background…..


    Syahir Hakim


    At present, the slider caption background colour options apply to all other slider display style except card. We’ll add a separate colour options for the card display style in the next update, due to be out in a couple of days.



    Thank You!



    Thanks for all the help on these related topics.



    Your Welcome……

    and have noticed other problems.

    One problem is that the post date still appears in the card slider, even though in the Customizer – Graphene: Display – Posts Elements – Post date display – I checked it to be hidden.

    It also seems that the other 3 options within Post date display are not responsive when selected.


    Syahir Hakim



    Thanks for your feedback. The card display style for the slider is a new feature, and your feedback will help us to learn how users are really using the feature and improve it in the future.

    For the issue with post date, please create a new topic as it is unrelated to the original post in this topic.


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