Upgraded to Graphene 2.4 And Slider Background Changed

  • PatrolCaptain


    I just upgraded to Graphene 2.4 and the posts in my slider lost their white background. Where do I make the background of posts in the slider white again?





    After upgrading to Graphene 2.4, four of my posts disappeared and I found them in the trash. I have made no changes to my website elkader.org since upgrading. Anyway, I restored them but now at the bottom of the page, while in admin mode, I get the following: “NOTICE: Please install and activate Yet Another Related Posts (YARPP) in order to use the Related Posts feature.”

    I have no idea what the YARPP plugin is so I googled it only to find that it is a disallowed plug-in.

    How do I revert to the former Graphene theme or there a fix to get rid of this YARPP notice?




    Yep I have this issue with the slider losing it’s opacity. Not seen any posts go missing.



    I fixed this as follows:

    .carousel-inner {
    	background-color: white;



    Awesome – Thanks Venutius!



    Site is elkahir.org, not elkader.org (spell check #$%!&)


    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the report, guys. We’ve released version 2.4.1 that fixes the slider background issue.



    Isn’t there still an issue on a regular page opacity?
    With 2.4.1 I’ve lost the opacity on my primary page at http://www.nashvillearttour.com. The only thing I did was change the theme.

    This is what was working before the update:

    .home .boxed-wrapper,
    .home #content {
    	background: none;



    Syahir Hakim


    Which background are you referring to? Looks like the space around the content is already transparent on your site.



    Before the change, the entire front page (post) was transparent. So the flip boxes at the bottom weren’t on that white background that you now see. Same thing with all the graphics at the top. You could see the city scape picture behind all postings.

    It’s strange. I’m thinking of trying to revert back to pre 2.4.

    Thanks for looking.

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