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  • elvirafuchs


    I’m a newbie with Graphene. I installed version 1.4.1 and would like to update to 1.5.2.

    When starting the update, the message says, that ALL my customizations will lose! 🙁

    Is this true? ALL settings will be reset to default?



    Hi AndyBe, and Welcome!!

    What this means, is that if you have edited any of the “core” files in your graphene theme, they will be replaced during the upgrade. So, if you have made changes to your “styles.css” or your “functions.php” files, or any other core files in your template, these changes will be lost during the upgrade.

    Basically, the upgrade is going to replace all core files. This will not affect any changes you’ve made in the admin panel. You will still have all your pages, posts, widgets, etc…

    By customizations… they mean anything you have modded in your core files.

    Sooo, it is crucial to learn the importance of a child theme. Graphene is amazing, and is still in very active development. New versions will continue to be released. By using a child theme, any modifications you make to your styles or functions pages will be preserved during future Graphene updates.






    There are only two edits in PHP-Files … no problem. But color-changes, custom-css etc. in Graphene-Admin-Panel???



    They “SHOULD” remain unchanged. All of this content is stored in database tables, which will remain unaffected.

    Depending on plugins, sometimes there is an incompatibility issue. However, Syahir (forum owner) is awesome at responding to graphene issues here in the forum.

    All your data, and graphene admin panel options, will be preserved. Only modifications you made to core files, in an editor, will be replaced.



    As I said … there are only two small edits in PHP-files. I will dare!

    Thanx for your quick support! 🙂



    Haha… of course. Good luck!!

    Please post back and let us know how it went.



    I’ll do. 🙂

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