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    After updating the theme to 1.8 from 1.7.3 (I believe), I am now receiving 500 Internal Server Error both for the main website and when I go to the login page, so I am not able to access the admin side either. I searched around for a solution to this but wasn’t able to find a clear answer. Would love to get some help on this as soon as possible. Thanks.




    same problem for me.

    URL is http://www.jps-autosport.nl



    Same here, Im not to website savvy and I dont know what to do. I cannot access my site after upgrade to 1.8

    *Update. I did a full restore from my last night back up and Im back online, But i am not updating to 1.8 (Which I want 2 since the new features) but I will wait for an update on what happened. Thanks everyone.



    I’m certain Syahir is working on it, folks. I sincerely apologize for the downtime on your sites.

    I’m looking for where you can download the 1.7.3 version of Graphene. Then, you can download it… use FTP or your hosts CPanel to delete the graphene directory… and copy the 1.7.3 version over in it’s place.

    Hang tight… I’ll find the link.



    oke thanks,

    hope you find it quick.



    To be clear, if I access ftp (I have never used it) via windows explorer, I will delete the folder “graphene” in my wp-content/themes/ directory and then copy in a new graphene folder from preview version?



    Sorry folks… I can’t seem to find Syahir’s svn for the 1.7.3.

    However, I found this link:


    I downloaded it, opened it up… checked a couple files… and everything looks legitimate.


    That is correct. Stay in the same parent directory, wp-content/themes/. While there, delete the graphene folder and copy over the new one.



    Is a folder from another website also good?

    I have 3 other websites running on the graphene theme.



    Yeah, I think so. That should be fine.

    Just be sure to delete the 1.8 folder first. Don’t just “add” to it.




    I will upload it to my website.,

    Find the 1.7.3. here http://www.jps-autosport.nl/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/graphene.zip

    I dont know but maybe someone can see from the changelog what might cause the problem?

    Version 1.8

    * Added option to add custom tags into the theme’s <head> element in Graphene Option > Advanced > Custom <head> Tags

    * Added option to extend the slider to the full width of the theme

    * Added options to customise the navigation menu colours

    * Added options to customise the top bar and footer colours

    * Added option to manually move the CSS codes generated by the theme into a child theme’s stylesheet

    * Added graphene_slider_link_url filter hook

    * Added Hebrew (he_IL) translation by Udi Burg

    * Added Slovak (sk_SK) translation by Branco Radenovich

    * Added Save Options button for each option box in the Graphene Options pages

    * Theme options are now saved via AJAX, with fallback to non-AJAX alternative

    * Added WPML string translation support for theme’s options

    * Compatibility improvements for WP e-Commerce

    * Custom fields added by the theme are now stored as a single database entry for each posts and pages

    * Performance optimisation: significantly reduced the number of database queries for each page load

    * Splitted colour options into a separate “Colours” options tab

    * Moved bottom slider to under the homepage panes

    * A few design updates – widget header fonts, slider navigation circles

    * Excluded posts that belong to slider categories from post navigation links if the “Exclude the categories from posts listing” feature is used

    * Prefixed global variables ($tabbed -> $graphene_comment_tabbed) and ($in_slider -> $graphene_in_slider)

    * Updated bundled jQuery UI files to version 1.8.21, and included non-minified versions of those scripts

    * Smushed all image files included with the theme to reduce their file sizes losslessly

    * The column width sliders in the theme’s options page now automatically round the numbers

    * Fixed slider issue when showing specific posts/pages with WPML installed

    * Fixed content width not properly set on certain pages

    * Fixed the custom colours not being retained in the theme colour options previews

    * Fixed a bug where using the “Exclude the categories from posts listing” disables the static front page

    * Fixed sticky posts not showing in front page when using the Front page post categories option

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