Update to 1.6.2

  • dnourie


    How can I go back to 1.6.1???



    Ack,now I can even log in. What do I do???? Shoot!



    How can I do that without logging in? I can ftp in.



    FTP and rename plugin folder



    Ok, I renamed the mingle plugin via ftp. I’m in WordPress admin now. Not sure what you meant by clearing the cache, then trying again.

    Do you mean the browser cache? And do you mean reactivite mingle?

    At least the site is not throwing those errors now.



    I named it back, tried Activating it again, which it tried but got errors. Sigh.



    Seems the plugin is broken.



    It wasn’t broken. I need Mingle working. Lots of discussions in there. Should I try reinstalling?



    I’m also noticing, even with Mingle deactivated, the background graphic I had up got eaten.



    I also can’t search for or get new plugins now through WordPress. Something in this update really geeked my setup. I’m not sure what to do.

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