Switching to child theme – all settings get lost, even when moving CSS

  • Sofian777


    Hello, i have a problem. I need to use a child theme of Graphene now since i have to make some additions to the functions.php.

    So i did:

    – Create a folder graphene-child

    – Create a style.css with the header as described here:


    – Copied all the CSS code from the Options page (where it says Move CSS) into the style.css and marked the “i have moved the CSS file” box.

    Yet the layout gets destroyed, the background is getting back to the default, the header image as well. I cannot find anything i did wrong, and i also checked the frontpage during all the steps, so before copying all the css, before ticking the box etc. Did never work.

    What could be wrong? Can you describe me how to properly create a child theme of Graphene (the description in the link i copied above actually will not be enough because only doing so all the options from the Graphene options pages will get lost).

    Thank you




    That is the normal behaviour. When you install a child theme, WordPress considers it as a completely different theme. Thus any background image, header, custom menus set for parent theme will be reverted back to defaults. You have to set them again after activating the child theme. That’s a limitation in WordPress core itself.



    Thank you for fast reply. Indeed, re-setting the background color and header image was already doing the job. Just minor differences are left which seems to be a bug somewhere, but i will figure them out as well or get back with them in a new post.

    So, you can close this topic, thank you…



    Fixed also the minor differences, was my mistake and now all is set and i am happy 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful theme …

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