Strange Characters with Spider Event Calendar – WordPress 4.01 – Graphene 1.9.4

  • ljfent


    It is not the simple stuff…

    The Twenty-Thirteen theme has all plugins on – and I tested the Graphene with all of them off… Side by Side comparisons…

    It is looking like the Graphene theme is the culprit – (1) showing the block characters (2) and not properly coloring the title… ( Using the Twenty-Thirteen Theme ) (Using the Graphene Theme…)

    I am hoping for a CSS fix! 🙂



    Kenneth John Odle


    re: block characters:

    You have this code:

    <input id="cal_width1" type="hidden" value="700">

    Since Graphene has styles for <code> you are seeing those styles expressed as “block characters”.



    What are you saying about the code? Did you look at the two samples?

    The Graphene looks bad (not just the blocks, also the colors and the bad links at the bottom.)

    I am not just looking for an explanation, rather a solution if there is one?

    I love the Graphare Template… Are you saying there is NO way to use this calendar with it? It is a great calendar?




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