Strange Characters with Spider Event Calendar – WordPress 4.01 – Graphene 1.9.4

  • ljfent


    I am seeing some block-characters/images displayed on top and bottom of the page when using the Spider Event Calendar.

    Also, the category links at the bottom are not displaying/activating properly.

    Could this be a CSS / Template problem?

    WordPress 4.01 – Graphene 1.9.4


    Link to WordPress WebPage



    Did you have these issues before updating the graphene theme?

    If not, then the following will most likely fix it. Read and install the plugin.




    The errors were the same before and after the update to 1.9.4.




    Did you install the plugin to fix your issue?



    No… I installed the update to eliminate the version / update questions…



    Please read the link and install the plugin that is linked within that post if you want to fix the problem.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I don’t see anything strange, except for some empty <code> elements. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?


    I don’t see anything strange, except for some empty “code” elements. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

    I’m pretty sure he’s missing the shortcode plugin by graphene. That’s why some shortcodes look messed up.





    Yes, you are correct, it is the empty ` blocks at the top and bottom, and if you click on the tiny blue buttons (dots) at the bottom, the category selection is not working quite right.</p>

    <p>I installed the short-code plugin you referenced, no difference.</p>

    <p>I think it is probably the calendar plugin, rather than the Graphene theme. </p>

    <p>The web-dorado (calendar) developers have offered to look at it… I will post on here what it turns out to be…</p>

    <p>Thanks so much for your help… :)`



    Try to deactivate all of your plugins one by one and hard refresh (Strg+F5) your site every time to see if one of your plugins is causing the issue.



    It is not the simple stuff…

    The Twenty-Thirteen theme has all plugins on – and I tested the Graphene with all of them off… Side by Side comparisons…

    It is looking like the Graphene theme is the culprit – (1) showing the block characters (2) and not properly coloring the title… ( Using the Twenty-Thirteen Theme ) (Using the Graphene Theme…)

    I am hoping for a CSS fix! 🙂



    Kenneth John Odle


    re: block characters:

    You have this code:

    <input id="cal_width1" type="hidden" value="700">

    Since Graphene has styles for <code> you are seeing those styles expressed as “block characters”.



    What are you saying about the code? Did you look at the two samples?

    The Graphene looks bad (not just the blocks, also the colors and the bad links at the bottom.)

    I am not just looking for an explanation, rather a solution if there is one?

    I love the Graphare Template… Are you saying there is NO way to use this calendar with it? It is a great calendar?



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