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  • bsacue



    Kenneth i think all posts example

    Prasanna allow comments is enabled and in screen options discussion and comments are selected too but still not allowed to comment




    anymore ideas please guys i really am struggling here




    I notice you’re using the JetPack comment system.

    First temporarily disable all your plugins. (FTP and rename the plugins folder to something like “/wp-content/pluginsBAK/”)

    Then retry your comments.

    If it still does not work activate one of the WordPress default themes and double check your Settings > Discussion.



    Ok i disabled all plugins and it worked besides starting then up one by one is this the only was to find the problem?




    That is weird i activated them all and jetpack again and tested a comment and it worked :/ strange any ideas why please



    No idea, cache maybe?

    I would suggest disabling the comments option in Jetpack if everything else works fine.



    right another update, i as admin is able to post comments now no problems i have just had a friend try it and he got blog token not found so i disabled jetpack totally and he tried again and this time it worked

    Am i right saying its a jetpack related issue ?


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