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    I have a similar problem: the first two posts in my slider are the same. It shows posts from a set category,i have tried to see if it works with a different setting, like latest posts, but the problem is the same. Also the order of the posts( newest first)is a mess too. I have checked with firebug, and the acive post on the display doesnt match with the html. Can you please check what it could cause this? Thank You!




    i have just went through all my plugins and turning off ” WP Facebook Like” solve the problem, but i cant really be without it, do you think is there something i could do to solve this issue? I have contacted the developer of the plugin as well, i am waiting to his response.



    ok, i am sorry, i was wrong…the correct first image showed up for a short second and then it went back to the old repeated image, so its not the plugin .



    Hi, Manasse , can you please let me know how you fixed the slider issue? My problem is quite similar to yours….Thank You!



    ok, i have solved the problem. It was the WP Facebook like plugin,and just had to change the settings of it. I actually found an earlier topic about it and had the answer from there.Thank You!


    Syahir Hakim


    @Monika, glad you got it worked out.

    @Manasse, what are your settings in Graphene Options > Slider Options?



    Just let you know, by fixing this i got one more problem solved. Earlier, when i have sent a link of my post to someone through SKYPE, after clinking on my link a communication window also appeared describing an xd.arbiter.js message on their side.This gave me the initial clue that it must be something with this plugin. Now, that message is gone too!!

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