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    Hey all,

    The homepage slider isn’t showing the most recent posts. I’ve tried to change its settings in the graphene options, but it’s not changing this. Does anyone know how to get it right?




    Can you take a screenshot of your current slider settings and post it here for us to see?



    It’s in dutch, but I translated some and think you’ll figure out the rest. If anything else is needed, I’m here!



    So, does anyone know how to get it done?


    Syahir Hakim


    It seems like you’re using Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader feature. Try turning that off first. Also, are you using any other caching plugin?



    So turning off both (cloudflare and quick cache) cache plugins (didn’t know cloudflare was a cache one…) are deactivated. Now my slider isn’t sliding and therefor not showing the latest post. So ‘something’ has happened! Just not what we wanted to happen, huh? I posted a list of all my plugins on Josh’s fprum, due to another problem:

    So what do I need to do next? In Firebug I found a few errors. I made a pic:

    Are these errors causing the slider to act not normal?? And how can i fix em???


    Kenneth John Odle


    Your slider is working now. I trust you got this fixed?



    Well, the slider is sliding. It’s still not showing the 5 most recent posts…


    Syahir Hakim


    What files are there in the wp-content folder?



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