Site lost formatting after changing to child theme



    I unchecked this:

    Use light-colored header bars

    Is there anything else?

    That one change did not fix it.


    Syahir Hakim


    So what other formatting exactly is lost? If it’s just the header and menus you can just go ahead and re-apply your old settings in WP Admin > Appearance > Header, and Menus.



    I followed your suggestion and it’s now looking like it should.

    I had to:

    – upload custom header image

    – change background color

    – custom menus – menu structure was intact but I had to set it in Manage Locations

    – widget contents were there but were switched around between the different widgets, ex: Graphene-before-content widget had contents of Front Page Footer Widget area

    I moved custom css back to Graphene Options under Display tab.

    My child CSS has just the header info and no css styles.

    Glad it’s fixed!



    I notice a little bit of code hiding at the bottom of your website.


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