Sidebar widget moved to bottom of page after temporary theme switch

  • ozant


    Try changing the status of your latest post from published to draft. Basically, we are removing it from the home page.

    See if that fixes it.

    This one:

    PANTONEMYART 2012: Colour in a state of nature

    I did that as well deleted the last 5 posts then retrieve them back =(

    a bit of history:

    I move the website and everything was good but there were 2 errors:

    1) I could not add photos

    2) super cache was always giving error

    these are due to the change of directory etc.

    so from settings media: I change the upload directory to original

    and delete and reinstall super cache again

    then 2 days alter this problem come up

    so now I delete the super cache

    I also delete the last 1 weeks posts

    try to delete all the widgets 1 by 1 as well

    uninstall and install the widget

    none of these really work =(

    if you ahve any suggestions I am very happy to apply



    thanks for your help


    Syahir Hakim


    Try disabling the Facebook plugin that you have installed.

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