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    Thanks for helping all of you. Unfortunately I am off to work now and won’t be back until later when I will try these suggestions. I’ll drop back in later and let you know if it’s fixed.



    I’m home early so let’s see if I can sort this crazy blog layout. Josh, I have put up the right sidebar and, as you will see, it is at the bottom of the page. I tried Prasanna’s suggestion of changing the size of it but nothing happened. Perhaps,as you and Vasvaria said, some code is missing. Can you check for me, please. Thanks.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I have tried deactivating the plugins but no luck.

    Did you make sure to clear your server cache after doing this?

    You have a very strange issue where all the <div>s that contain your posts are contained within the first set of <div>s that contain your first post. This is almost certainly a plugin issue.



    I also tried deactivating all the plugins with no luck and I did clear the cache when asked to. If it’s a plugin issue, how come deactivating them doesn’t fix it? What do I do next?


    Kenneth John Odle


    If it’s a plugin issue, how come deactivating them doesn’t fix it?

    That’s why I asked about clearing your server cache in addition to your browser cache. You may have deactivated them, but if the server cache hasn’t been cleared, then it is still serving up old html files.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Update: It seems to be related to something on this post:

    Any page which contains that post has this issue; the others do not.

    Try editing that page and setting it to “draft” status and seeing if this problem goes away on the front page.



    I’m back and I have put it to draft status and yes, you are right, the problem has disappeared. What should I do with that post? Besides ditch it?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You could, but I would go over it with a fine tooth comb to figure out what is different about it. When you think you know, put that element in a new test post and see if the problem returns.

    (E.g., I initially thought it might be that “until next time, Suzanne” image, but the code behind it looks okay. I could still be wrong, however.)



    In your first text widget in the sidebar, you have this code:

    <center><a target="_blank" href="">
    <img width="200" height="120" border="0" src="" /></a><br><a "=""></a><br><center></center>

    That needs to be cleaned up. Try this instead:

    <center><a target="_blank" href="">
    <img width="200" height="120" border="0" src="" /></a></center>

    I’ll keep looking.



    I found this bunch of code which didn’t seem necessary:

    <div class=”mceTemp mceIEcenter”> </div>


    <div class=”mceTemp mceIEcenter”>

    <div class=”mceTemp” style=”text-align: left;”>

    I took it out and it seems to work now without pushing the sidebar to the bottom.

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