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  • Suzanneper


    My sidebar has gone to the bottom of the page below the posts. I have tried deactivating the plugins but no luck. Any suggestions?



    By the way, my site is:



    Did you hack the parent theme style sheet? Or, changed the sidebar width using custom CSS?



    Absolutely not. I wouldn’t know how. I changed themes to see how another would look and then returned to Graphene because I like it better and that had happened.



    I have swapped the sidebar to the other side and it is there but bot displaying the widgets I have activated. It looks like the default ones when you first start a blog. At least it looks better than being empty there and having the sidebar at the bottom of the page but I have no widgets. Please help.



    Try adding those old widgets again.



    Sorry, I went to bed. It’s morning now in New Zealand. The widgets are all there already and they show at the bottom of the page if I put the sidebar on the right. If I put it on the left, it is the default sidebar but when I go to add the widgets, they are all there already – they just don’t show.



    Okay, tweak (increase/decrease) the right sidebar width by 10px each time.

    Sidebar 1 is right sidebar and Sidebar 2 is left sidebar. So, you’ve to add widgets in sidebar 1 to get them in right sidebar.

    It’s 11:40 PM here. I’ll go to bed now! 🙂



    Usually, when the sidebar jumps to the bottom of the page, it’s because there is a closing </div> tag missing somewhere in one of the widget areas.

    Put your other sidebar up and let me take a look at it real quick.



    Dea Suzanneper,

    Have you activated AddThis social sharing buttons below your posts and pages?

    Because sometimes when you change graphene general settings the closing </div> tag or the whole end of the script may disappear.

    Check your AddThis code, when it’s okay it should look somewhat like this:

    <!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->

    <div class="addthis_toolbox addthis_default_style ">


    <span class="addthis_separator">|</span>


    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    <!-- AddThis Button END -->

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