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    Just got back in. I’ll try some of the things mentioned above.

    As far as visiting the posts, this is not going to be the typical blog. It is actually a support page for a Disney oriented talk show we’re going to do via G+ Hangouts. Each blog post will never actually appear on the first page, as by the time the visitor gets to the blog post, the show is already history. But what I want them to be able to do is pull up an archive by history and have the YouTube link to the show right there.

    The idea may be way off, and it is still in the development stages, but thats what I’m working through.

    Thanks guys!



    And Josh, you are correct. Using the embed code from the HTML side DOES cause the video to show on the archive page. I’ll go this route and forego the plug in. Thanks.


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    a Disney oriented talk show

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