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  • John McCubbin


    were do you find the menu id



    View page source or use firebug to find the menu-item ID.

    In the below picture, “Blog” menu-item is selected. Firebug is showing that it has the ID menu-item-427. So, menu-item-427 is the ID of Blog menu-item.

    John McCubbin


    i got it working thanks but is there a current_parent page of a parent page code



    ….is there a current_parent page of a parent page code

    Once again, I need to look at the live site. Or, you have to find it yourself.

    John McCubbin


    in my custom menu i have a page within a page within a page so:

    Page 1

    -Page 2

    –Page 3

    I want it so when I’m on Page 3 that menu item for page 1 is a certain colour

    will this info help you help me as i am not able to show live site



    Use magic firefox extension – Firebug!

    John McCubbin


    i dont have firefox im using chrome



    If you have installed Chrome Developer Tools in Chrome, right click on Page 3 menu item and select Inspect Element. Then find it’s ID

    John McCubbin


    what do i do with the id



    Your initial intention was to change menu colour! So, I showed you how to find out menu IDs. With knowing the menu item ID, you can tweak it as you want!

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