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  • John McCubbin


    none of this worked it just inverted the font colours making next to everything else black i just want to change the current page font colour and parent page when you drop down background colour



    Either you should take your site live or learn proper CSS. It is too hard to suggest you anything without looking at the site.

    John McCubbin


    yeah but i have clearly explained what i want done

    John McCubbin


    its mainly the current page menu font im wanting can anyone at least help with that

    John McCubbin


    @Prasanna also with my other problem about when i dropped down i notice on your site that when you drop down in downloads the menu colour changes how did you do this

    John McCubbin


    i tried this:

    #menu-item-27:hover {
    background: #0B479D !important;

    thinking it would work but it didn’t

    John McCubbin


    anyone help



    Here is the CSS I’ve used in my site to change the menu colours –

    Check the menu ID once again.

    John McCubbin


    this didnt worki even copied yous and changed the page id but it didnt work im assuming the #menu-item- you put the page id after this.

    P.S i went to look at your site and your home page has change to a list of whats on the site just letting you know incase its not meant to be like this



    You need to enter menu item ID after #menu-item-. Not page id. It becomes easier to tweak menus if you use custom menus.

    i went to look at your site and your home page has change to a list…

    Freaking Wp-touch plugin! It is recognising desktop browsers as mobile browsers!

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