Problem when activated more than 5 plugins

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    Yeah, debug mode should be enabled in the first place. I totally forgot to tell that.



    I have the debug mode changed to true. And no error message appears. Still only a blank screen.

    I appreciate it very much that you still want to think with me in a solution.



    I have just opened my site with another browser and now I got several error messages.

    1. Notice: undefined index HTTPS in pop-up domination.php on line 84.

    2. Notice: undefined index everywhere in pop-up domination.front.php on line 161.

    3. Notice: undefined variable campaign_idd in pop-up domination.front.php on line 200.

    4. Notice: add_custom_background is no longer in use since version 3.4. Instead use add_the_support(‘custom-background’, $args) in …functions.php on line 2638.

    5. Notice: undefined index: disable_opengraph in slick-social-share-buttons/inc/dcwp_socail.php on line 804.

    I can find the lines but I don’t no what to do with it because I’am not that technical.

    Can you please help me?

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