Post tital meda tag from poster not found directly after they post and error 404-page not found

  • Andrea155


    Hy, i have the same problem: in home page is presents, only for twenty seconds, “error 404-page not found “. My site is

    I have read some posts here, and i turn off all plugin; permalinks were checked and i think that are okay; there is one category named “without categoru” that i’m not able to delete. Do you think that “”error 404-page not found ” is linked with these category? Ideas to eliminate “error 404-page not found “



    Syahir Hakim


    If by “without categoru” you mean the “Uncategorized” category, that’s created by WordPress by default, and you can’t delete them. It’s the default category that’s assigned to any new posts you create.

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