Post tital meda tag from poster not found directly after they post and error 404-page not found

  • DragonHead



    There seams to be a problem sometimes with some posts on this site If you click on the ad “” it displays the 404-page not found. I did check and the poster did not change the post after he pasted, it is the original with orig perm link any ideas how to fix?

    PS This happens right after you post. There are 0 plug ins and the client uses firfox and sefari



    Kenneth John Odle


    It looks like a permalinks issue. What are the permalink settings?



    /%category%/%postname%/ Custom Structure

    Question f they need to be changed to fix the issue will it effect the 30k posts now on the site?



    it dose not happen on every post just like every 10th one check out the home page of and click of some ads….


    Kenneth John Odle


    If that is your permalink structure, then the link should be


    It look like that “Extended Categories” widget may be the issue. There really should not be “categories” in the permalink.

    There are 0 plug ins

    There are at least three plugins running on this site!



    So where would i change the ” categories ” to “category” in the widget? If what your saying is true why is this issue only on some posts? /%category%/%postname%/ Custom Structure IS THE STRUCTURE YOUR SAYING IS CORRECT. So you mean in the widget?



    Ya that was not a “fix” changing the name from “categories” to “category” in the slug like i said if your “guess” was correct it would always happen do you have a solution? looks to me like its an issue in the theme.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This plugin seems to me to be a solution in search of a problem.

    looks to me like its an issue in the theme.

    The easy way to check this is to temporarily switch to one of the default themes–twenty twelve, I think. If the problem goes away, it’s a theme issue. But…

    why is this issue only on some posts?

    makes me think it’s not a theme issue. All the posts in a given category are treated the same by Graphene and WordPress; it’s the widget that is treating them differently.

    Does this widget have a support page?



    the “Ad categories” is the parent of all the other categories so if i change out the widget it dose the same if in fact i change to the wp- default i can not duplicate the 404- So do you have a new idea? not shore what to do at this point? There are 1000’s of /posts/ads and if i change the categories structure it will brake the link to the current posts so do you have an idea to get the “Ad categories” out of the parent position ? without braking the links of the current posts? this may fix the current 404- error

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