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    Hi Khairul and Graphene User,

    I use the slider for my articles but when I click the “Show entire article button” the link will not set to the article.

    Seem that the slider button can’t set the link to the article only blank to the start site.

    Tryed to make different settings in the slide menu and other settings in my wordpress -permalink update for example

    Do someone give me a hint to fix this problem, cause I like to have the slide feature.

    Many Greez from GER.




    The problem is in Your permalink settings!

    What have You written there?

    (Your Site link is wrong to)




    Hi Kim,

    I have a user-defined permalink configuration:



    Do you think it has somethink to do with that?

    I Don’t like the standard permalink settings cause it is not in my SEO thinking.

    It would be great if you can give me input.

    (What do you mean with the wrong site link?)

    Gruß Dirk



    Hi Dirk

    If You remove /%postname%/ the error is gone, right?

    I see this alternativ used: /%postname%

    No link=Click Your Icon here!




    Hi Kim,

    actually I tried some standard permalink settings but the “block-button” don’t like to work. There is only a link to the start site but not to the desired article.

    Think about to disable the feature.

    But it would bring fun!

    Do you or some else have any idea why the “block-button” don’t like to work?

    Grüße Dirk




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    deactivated all plugs and the problem is fixed.

    try to find out wich plug don’t work with the code.

    schöne Ostern

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