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    I’ve been trying to import a new font to my site, and then use it for h1 headers, page title, post title, menu bar, and widget titles (headers?). The font is DCC Sharp Distress Black, at

    I downloaded the font to my computer – called DCC-SharpDistressBlack.otf and then uploaded it to my wp-content folder where the site is hosted (Network Solutions is the hosting company). I’ve tried every which way to “import” the font – following instructions in several areas on this forum, and even buying a True Font Family account at in order to use their script. Still no go.

    The True Font Family instructions say to

    1. Unzip files to a directory on a web server with PHP and GD library installed.

    2. Put your TrueType fonts in the subdirectory called fonts.


    1. Add the JavaScript tff.js to the <head> of your page.

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”path-to-the-script/tff.js”></script>

    I have no idea where to add this…

    2. Use CSS to set the font-family with one of your TrueType fonts.

    <style type=”text/css”>h1 { font-family: “Font.ttf”, serif; }</style>

    I thought I followed these instructions but obviously I’ve done one (or several!) things wrong.

    I’ve also tried 3 different plugins to allow for new fonts. Nothing has worked. Any help most appreciated!



    For step one mentioned above, you would need to use a custom function to insert the script into the header of each post/page that loads. This is the only way to ensure it’s used on consistently on each post/page.

    You would need to use a child theme, and place the function into the functions.php file (which will need to be created).

    I guess the first thing is are you using a child theme?



    Sadly, no. I’ve read directions for doing so but haven’t understood the process well enough to try it. Is there a “how to set up a child theme for dummies” doc or video I can consult?




    Wow. OK. Thank you. Biting the bullet and doing it now.



    Just checking to see if you were successful in getting this setup.



    Thanks for your step-by-step video on how to create a child theme. I get it and I’m going to do so from now on; I have 4 new websites to design and will definitely start with a child theme for each one.

    However, for the website I’ve just about finished (except for the issue of the font I want to add and use for sidebar h2, page and post titles, and page and post h1,

    I set up a child theme and then clicked on preview… and when I did, I expected the custom header, custom menu, and background image to be gone as noted in one of your other posts, but there was so much more out of whack: Everything was crazy on the display; front page sidebars gone and stacked down below everything on the page, social media buttons above the header turned into strings of text…so much more. All these are things that aren’t controlled by the custom css currently on the main graphene theme. I’m afraid if I activate this child theme I’ll essentially have to do my site over. So I think I’ll just make the child theme Step #1 for all future websites.

    When you activate a child theme, then do all the choices made under Graphene options go away such that you have to do them all over again?

    Thank you.



    Oh – the website in question is Thanks again.



    When you activate the child theme, you have to upload your header image once again. Because wordpress treats the child theme as a separate theme.

    The same applies to custom menu and background image as well.. Other Graphene options will be kept as is.



    Yes, thank you – I had expected those things to need re-loading etc. But what I saw when I previewed the child theme activation involved many more items; sidebar was gone, but widgets from the sidebar were stacked below the home page, all icons for the social media buttons above the header were gone, replaced by overlapping lines of text – and many more things gone haywire. Here’s what I’m going to do: create an export file for the entire site, then create a subdomain, then import files to the subdomain, then create and activate a child theme, then place all the custom css from the current Graphene options into the child theme, remove same from the Graphene options, and then test everything out. If I can make the subdomain site, using the child theme, look like the emain site, I’ll move the subdomain site into the main domain.

    In future, I’m creating a child theme right off the bat for new sites!

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