My Graphene Slider [Full Picture Setup]

  • Brambalar


    Now if I can find out how to set it up, any good tutorials how to use this plugin?






    Thanks Kim, that really helped =)

    After using the plugin to add my pages in into a new category (homepage_slider),

    I just used the slider options to load that new category (homepage_slider).

    Now, I have now been looking to have the full background image, with no text or button,

    to link to the page. (link to page works if I have the button showing).

    I tried showing only the button but it also shows the page text, and I can’t remove the text without removing the button,

    <div class=”slider_post_entry”>

    <p>Lots of text from page content</p>

    a href=”what-we-do”>View full post</a


    Thanks a bunch =)



    To work on just the button link version, this got rid of the extra text,

    Css should be able to take care of the rest so its just a button to the page,

    Still working on the no button link from image version =)

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