My Graphene Slider [Full Picture Setup]

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    PS:After having this child functions.php I started getting the warning below everytime I change graphene options.

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (my child functions.php) in my pluggable.php line xxx where I have

    header(“Location: $location”, true, $status);

    have read your thread;

    made sure there were no space in my child functions.php.

    have found this;

    then removed the closing tag ?> from my child functions.php and then the warning disappeared.

    I have no idea the logic behind 🙂 but it worked so pls allow me putting this here in case someone encounters same issue.




    Hi cycling

    Well, I dont have a problem with posts showing up in both slider & blog posts.

    Posts can be members of more than one category 🙂




    I love this feature slider… but I’m having problems after I adjusted my column widths… how do I fit images into my full feature slider?

    I am using “featured image” as my full slider image.

    to better understand my question, pls check out my current slider:

    after adjusting the width…you’ll notice my images are “tiled”, instead of filling up the whole slider space.

    thanks in advance.



    Im moving “My Graphene Slider [Full Picture Setup]” post here from

    General talk -> Graphene support 🙂




    On You have: {
    background-image: url("");

    .three-columns .full-sized .slider_post {
    width: 505px;

    So I think You need to resize Your pictures in slider to from 445x262px to 505x262px 🙂





    I have my Graphene slider updated so that there is no text or grey bar or button, I only the full background image showing.

    What I want to do next, is to have each image link to a different Page in the site, not a post.

    Is that possible?




    With this plugin You can map pages to categories & use in slider:




    With this plugin You can map pages to categories & use in slider:




    With this Plugin You can Map Pages to Categories & Use Pages in Slider:




    That’s great news, Thanks a bunch =D

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