My Donation/blog site….I NEED Feedback. What do you like, what would you add/change? Please :-)

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    really? you don’t like the guy shadowed out on the let and the picture frame ? I thought it looked different that’s why I liked it.



    Your screen must be bigger than mine 🙂

    All I can see is some black shapes either side

    Do you want people to spend time looking at your website content or the background?



    hahaha im on a laptop maybe that’s why it looks perfect…The site of course! Hmmm your right , but the thing is Don’t you think if you go to a site you want to say damn that looks nice he did a good job hahhaha ill take a look around

    Ok I changed it what about this water theme



    Would love some more comments , I just changed the background to a plain blue, please tell me what you think. Someone told me it was overpowering a little, but they still liked it. I cant find anything else so don’t know if I should stick with it


    Kenneth John Odle

    Do you want people to spend time looking at your website content or the background?

    I definitely agree with cleevewebby on this one. A nice looking site is a good thing, but you don’t want it to detract from your content. Content is always #1.



    yea your right, I was thinking the opposite before but your right I should have a minor background, Do you think the blue color I have now is to overpowering ?


    Syahir Hakim


    You have way too many colours on your site there, they look incongruent. You can’t simply mix and match colours and hope that they’ll look good, as colours are complementary by nature. Some will look good together, some are best left apart by restraining order. If you simply mix and match colours without understanding the theory behind them, you’re more likely to do more harm than good.

    I’m not a designer by any means, but do take a look around on the web and see how well-designed sites look like in terms of their colour combinations. It’s not easy, I should tell you that, which is why generally design is best left to the professionals, who invest countless time and effort to find that perfect combination every time.

    This series would be a good read:



    Ok I read some of the articles and I made my theme more specific with certain colors. I am only using 5. I went through every single page and post and redid the colors. Take a look and tell me if it looks better. Or if I should work more on it? Or if im missing something?

    Thank You so much for your help



    Ok I just created a colorzilla gradient. Tell me if you like it or if you think I should change it and work on it more ?

    Thank you for your feedback

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