My Donation/blog site….I NEED Feedback. What do you like, what would you add/change? Please :-)

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    #7121 Is my website. I still have a lot of work to do (like write posts, and edit my grammar etc.) before I launch. I work on it a little everyday. I want it to be perfect before I launch it and tell people about it.

    I would Love if you guys can give me HONEST feedback, and tell me what you would, add, change, delete, work on, and what you like. Thank you guys very much.

    I am brand new to websites this is my first site



    i am not the best person to give you advice but your site is looking good.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Enter a site title so you don’t just end up with it the title of every page.

    The plural of sponsor is sponsors, not sponsor’s.

    Good color scheme.



    Interesting concept for the content of the site.The logo of the flower with tooth-shaped petals is great.

    I wonder if the overall graphic approach would be stronger if the fern motif were replaced with something…toothier..or more neutral, like an abstract graphic.

    Good luck!



    Thanks Everyone ! You guys are the best!!! Really ! It means a lot to get your opinions

    Ok so I changed Sponsors

    Thank you for loving the logo!

    I also had someone else also tell me to change the background. I picked this one because it was light green, but honestly I want to change it to. I am just so unsure of what to pick. Id love to see some of your suggestions.

    and what site title do you think would suit the site and what tagline?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I actually like the background. It’s very clean and goes well with the color scheme.



    I just put another background. Tell me if you like this one better.

    Also what do you think tagline, and title of site would fit?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Nope, definitely prefer the ferns better. Because the new background is a scene, it doesn’t look good when you only see the sides of it.



    hmm What about this one …just put another one for you to see?



    I think your site would look better with just plain background, white, black or sand

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