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    I’m brand new to wordpress which means I’m brand new to Graphene. First, I want to say thank you! I found your theme when I searched options. There were only two that fit my wishlist and when I read about how much more I could customize on Graphene, my decision was made. It’s been a steep learning curve but I’m making some headway.

    When I say brand new, I mean brand spankin’ new. I may have had this installed a week… MAYBE. I share this so hopefully, your help can be at the level of my wordpress and Graphene infancy.

    Here are my issues at the moment. I have a lot of items in my navbar drop-down. Unfortunately, there isn’t any logical way to separate them into more than one menu item. I also can’t use the option of putting them in a sidebar because I’ve disabled the sidebar on most of my pages and the menu option needs to be universally available. The problem I face is that when activated, the list of items falls off the page. I can’t scroll to see the bottom because as soon as I click anywhere else, the menu collapses.

    I did a lot of searching in the forum and as a result, attempted to create a child theme to reduce the size of the nav bars (I have both a main and secondary) and font. I thought that would keep everything on the screen. I installed it and made the mistake of not realizing there was a ‘preview’ button until I had clicked ‘activate’. It was a MESS and a panic! Then there was no way to “uninstall” the child theme that I could find so I finally just deleted the child style.css file I had created and installed Graphene again. Thank goodness everything came back as it previously but my problem remains.

    Can you help me find a solution to my problem? Obviously, my solution was very, very bad. I’m don’t know php from css from adam so I’ll need you to type very slowly!

    Also, On my homepage at the bottom of the page, the latest posts keep showing up there. I don’t have any widgets in that area.. I’ve checked and double checked every area I can find but can’t figure out a way to make them stop. I’ve already got a widget on the sidebar of my front page for latest posts so it’s a duplication of information and they just look bad down there anyway.

    Thanks in advance for reading my essay (sorry so long).



    I can’t suggest anything without looking at your site. So please give the URL of your site.

    And about the latest posts on the homepage, it’s called the homepage panes. You can disable them in Graphene Options –> Homepage Panes. Select Disable homepage panes and hit Save Options.

    Edit: You might want to try this to setup a child theme –



    Thanks, I already read through the instructions for setting up a child theme and failed miserably. I did create the style.css file, uploaded and activated it but the contents of the file were apparently a mess. All I did was edit the navbar section and reduced the pixel sizes but I ended up with garbage. Oh well. I guess I found the limits of my ability.

    Anyway, the site is at I’m a bit embarrassed to share it because it’s just a toy and it’s nowhere nearly ready for anyone to see it. I’m still just trying to get it set up.




    Oh and the drop down issue I’m having in the navbar is under Quests.


    Kenneth John Odle



    explains why your menu is…well, you know.

    and this:

    will help you sort out your menu issues. (Although it’s only one way to do it.)



    Did you add everything in the parent theme stylesheet to the child theme stylesheet? If you did, it causes a lot of issues. Only add the elements which needs overriding..

    BTW, here is a nice solution for long dropdown menus, which adds scrolling effect –



    @Ken, no his problem is, the items in the dropdown menu goes below the window..



    I’m a “her” 🙂 Btw, I did disable the panes and got rid of those darned posts at the bottom. Thank you. I could’ve sworn I tried that before and when I did my slider disappeared but it worked fine this time.

    I copied and pasted only the section that appeared to address the navbars in my child theme but I did something wrong. All I thought I did was edit the pixel size of the bar and font sizes but apparently I was wrong.

    I d/l’d the files for the solution that you suggested but unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with them and there wasn’t any instruction that I could find on that page or in their forums. I posted there. Maybe they can help me. I”m just too new at all this to be able to figure out what to do with them.



    OH NO. I just reloaded my website and it’s a COMPLETE mess again. The only difference was the installation of the child theme to which you directed me.

    I can’t find any way to uninstall it and since I don’t know where it installed, I can’t delete the file either. Please help.

    Update: I installed Graphene again to get rid of the child theme issue above(I never changed any of the code in the template (to which you linked me) that was installed. All I did was activate it. It was exactly the same problem that appeared the first time I tried to edit the code. But it can’t be accessing the old .css file because I deleted it. I cleared the cache too just in case it was in there somewhere.

    How do I completely get rid of the template now saved on the server somewhere? In which directory/folders would I find this one?



    Your site looks fine to me. What’s the issue?

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