Making a Menu Bar at the top with the rss feed

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    I’ve tried it this way. It did not work out so well. I’ll try again.



    Syahir will probably either laugh or just shake his head sadly when he sees this.

    Yea, I feel the same way. I’ve still got it messed up.



    I’m working on it now. I did the same thing (created a custom menu with drop down pages) and inserted into the header section via an action hook widget. And I also get the unformatted, bulleted style menu as a final result.

    I’m leaning toward Kens recommendation about using a new set of classes from the stylesheet. I’ll also get back to you when I have some progress to share.



    I played around with it for a while last night and today with no luck. Maybe I’m missing something, but, I think this should be able to be done rather easily.



    O-yea, check it out. Getting closer. Have a menu at the top. @ ken, I used the wrong hook. Graphene Top Bar is the hook to be used.

    Lost the little down arrow for links that have a list. Have to find where that went 🙂

    Just a little more cleaning with css and it should be good to go.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Oh yeah, that’s looking great! You know, at first I couldn’t figure out why in the world you would want a navigation menu up there, but seeing that makes my mind reel with the possibilities. I may have to copy this from you someday.

    I think this should be able to be done rather easily.

    Don’t ever say that. It’s sure to jinx whatever project you’re working on. 😉





    Well, I’ve got the down arrows on there, that was easy. Just had to fix the ulr of the image file. But, I don’t know what the little line is under the menu. If you move your mouse under each of the top menu items, you will see at the bottom of that menu a little line that is on the left(ish) side. I don’t know what it is or how to get rid of it.

    Almost have this quest done.




    It is looking good!

    The line is coming from the sprite image. There is another itty-bitty, teeny-weenie one at the top left of each menu item when you hover. They are the images that are directly above and directly below the hover image on the sprite.

    #header-menu2 > li:hover, #header-menu2 > li.current-menu-item, #header-menu2 > li.current-menu-ancestor {
    background: url("") repeat-x scroll left -100px #EEEEEE;

    That is the image and sprite location being called. If you change the -100 to -99, or just fiddle with the number, you can see what I mean with the image above and below.

    I suppose the easiest way would be to copy that image in the sprite from it’s current location, to another location on the sprite where you have more room to work with. And then change the number above accordingly.

    Or you could just use a sold background color instead of calling an image. Or you could use you own image. Or reduce the height of your top bar area (probably the easiest).




    Thanks, I see whats going on.

    Looks like this topic is fixed and done. Good learning topic.

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