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    I wanted to put this in the right spot. from:


    Jon is using an action hook there, but since that post, Syahir has added action hook widgets to Graphene to make it even easier.

    Go to Graphene Options >> Advanced >> Action Hook Areas

    click on “header.” A list of action hook widget areas will pop down. Click on “graphene_feed_icon”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and save options.

    Go to your widgets pane. There is now a “Graphene Feed Icon” widget area. Drag a text widget over to it and add whatever text/html you like.

    Good luck, and let us know how it works.



    Okay, I’ve tried and tried, but can’t get the css right. I know to use firebug and to copy the css from the theme to get it to work the same, but it just isn’t working.

    To bad the theme doesn’t use classes everywhere instead of using id. then I’d try to just set up div with the same name as the reg menu.

    Any idea?

    at the top next to the rss icon **and under it 🙁 **



    Why don’t you just wrap whatever code you are inserting into the custom action hook widget area with a div tag and give it an ID. Then position it using CSS.

    Like this:

    <div id="your_custom_menu">YOUR HTML CODE</div>



    Okay, I’ve got it close.

    Up by the rss feed. But how do I make the drop down menu? Like how the real menu works below the header.

    Basically, I want a menu above and below the menu.




    I got it to work with just 1 link at the top. But when I add another one next to it, it doesn’t place it at the right location. I know its a CSS problem.

    I’m still long away from getting the drop down menu to work.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Why don’t you try an action hook widget area just below the top bar and then use a custom menu, which would use the default styling of the theme? You probably wouldn’t have to mess about with the CSS as much, if any, that way.



    “CRACK”!!! And Ken hits a homerun. Nice call, I never thought about that.



    I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. All that does it put a menu that is just the <a> links in it. It does not style them.

    I’ve put all of the action hook widgets in for the headers with the custom menu’s on them to show what it does.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You need to give that <div> the same styling information that the main navigation menu has. This might be a lot of work.

    Try this, although it is completely untested:

    Wrap your code in a <div>, and style it like this:

    <div id="first-menu-wrap">

    Now go the original Graphene style sheet, and find anything that has the id #header-menu-wrap (lines 276-358). Copy it and paste it into a new text document. Do a global search and replace.

    Find: “#header-menu”

    Replace with: “#first-menu”

    There should be around 32 of those changes. Then copy this entire document and paste it into your child theme style sheet.

    This is completely untested. Basically, you are creating an additional navigation menu besides the two that Graphene already has, and styling it like the main one.

    Syahir will probably either laugh or just shake his head sadly when he sees this.

    (I mentioned this is completely untested, right? Okay, good.)


    Kenneth John Odle


    Something about that just doesn’t seem right, but it’s been a long day and I can’t figure out just what it is. I’ll check in the morning to see how you’re coming along.



    Syahir will probably either laugh or just shake his head sadly when he sees this.

    Toooo funny. You don’t know how many times I’ve thought this while typing a response 🙂

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