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  • daviddoria


    In a two column layout, is there a way to make the slider span both columns, then have the two columns behave as usual, just starting below the slider?



    Give this post a try and see if it points you in the right direction:



    Hi Josh,

    I did try that – the only thing I didn’t do is use a “child css” – I just added that code to the bottom of style.css through the wordpress Appearance -> Editor page. Is this not ok to do/the same as using a child css? The page is here: – you can see that the slider is still only in the first column.




    Yeah.. don’t do that. It will be erased when you update your theme.

    You should ideally use a child theme:

    But you can also add it in the custom css section of your graphene admin panel. Graphene options -> Display -> Custom CSS

    Try adding this to your child theme or custom css:

    #sidebar1, #sidebar2 {
    margin-top: 317px;
    .two-columns .featured_slider #slider_root {
    width: 930px;
    .two-columns .slider_post {
    width: 890px;
    .featured_slider {
    width: 960px;



    Works like a charm, thanks Josh!



    Oops, maybe I spoke to soon! The home page looks great:

    but on other pages the right column widgets start too low (as if they were expecting the slider to be there it looks like):

    Can this be fixed? I suppose displaying the slider on every page would be ok too if that is possible?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try adding .home (with the space) in front of each of those four lines, like this:

    .home #sidebar1, #sidebar2 {
    margin-top: 317px;





    So close… The non-home pages widgets are now in the right place, but the slider is not full width anymore on the home page:

    Once we get this working could it be a feature request to do this with the check of a box? It seems like a pretty standard thing to want to do in my opinion.

    Thanks for the help so far!


    Kenneth John Odle


    You usually have to play around with things to get them to work. So, on second thought, maybe just add .home to the first line. That might be what you are looking for.



    Brilliant – works perfectly. Thanks again.

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