Make hover stay?

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    Oh! Man! It’s dead easy,

    Try this,

    #menu-item-900.current-menu-item a {
    background: url(images/svartutantextlogo.png) center no-repeat !important;



    I’ve tested that already and it is in my code. (look at the pastebin)

    What I want to do is following:

    The bottom pic is when Im visiting another page but hovering the “frontpage”. I want to make so that hover state stays there while showing the frontpage. Currently it is showing the top pic on current state.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, we’re getting closer, at any rate. I’m not sure, but try using whatever code you are using for your hover state for your other states.



    2nd time edited reply:

    Try this again,

    #menu-item-900.current-menu-item a {
    background: url(images/svartutantextlogo.png) center no-repeat !important;

    You haven’t added a in your css for current-menu-item

    First time edited reply:

    My bad! I didn’t see the code carefully..



    It didnt make any difference, I got this guide from a guy.

    I dont actually understand it, would be great if someone helped me (from that guide) make the code so it solves my problem. So far, do I understand that it have to be with the code “current-menu”.



    OMG! Now when I deleted the code to return to start (cause I wanted to start over with the coding) so it seems that the code stayed there :S

    I want to remove it now, but can’t find how its stucked.

    Is it someone that wants to have a conversation on e.g skype chat? I want to solve this, it has been buging me for a long time now. Got panic, and its really disturbing.. Dont have any patience anymore.

    Would be very grateful!



    This code solved the problem: a {

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