Make hover stay?

  • MrMatt


    Hi again Guys,

    Wondering if someone could help me find a way to make ‘the hover’ to stay after you have clicked at it.

    Take a look:



    Prasanna SP


    Enter the same values for onMouseover and onMouseout



    How do you mean? I have this CSS-code:

    /* Icon nav bar */

    #menu-item-900 {

    text-indent: -999999px;

    width: 80px;


    #menu-item-900 a:link {

    background: url(images/vitutantextlogo.png) center no-repeat !important;


    #menu-item-900 a:hover {

    background: url(images/svartutantextlogo.png) center no-repeat !important;


    Prasanna SP


    Read this –


    Try it yourself –

    In the above example, replace onmouseout="mouseOut() with onmouseout="mouseOver()

    You need to write some extra code to implement this in the Graphene theme



    I can’t figure it out how to implement it in the theme. Any suggestion?









    Still no answer, got to kill myself 🙁


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say you want to make the hover stay? Could you possibly clarify or provide an example?



    This is actually my biggest problem. It’s very difficult to explain.

    I can start like this.

    1. Look at my webpage (easiest way if I refer do the actual problem)

    2. I want to make the button with the logo on being like the other buttons (a silver background) with black logo on (when you are on that page)

    3. When you aren’t on that page it shall just be white logo, with black background.

    I’ve used the code:

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