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    I’m coming along with my site and it’s meant to NOT look like a blog but like a more traditional web site. So far I’m mostly using pages. But now I want to add a section which is blog like and made up of posts. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Let’s say I want a new menu item “BLOG”, then I could make a category “blog” and assign all posts to that blog category? I saw someone describing exactly this and now I can’t find where I saw it.

    Any ideas appreciated.




    Hey Laura,

    Are you using a custom menu? If you are, just create a new blog category (posts -> categories). Now, in your custom menu screen, just tick the box to add your new category to your custom menu. Finally, any posts you create that you want to display in that page, just assign it to your new category.

    You can even create a secondary menu below your primary menu, like the one on my site.



    Yes! That is exactly what I am playing with now and it’s perfect.

    Thanks…great minds think alike πŸ˜‰



    You already know! I’m just glad I didn’t ruin your relationship with your plugin buddy πŸ˜‰ Was that not funny or what??



    I just poked around with it until I got my brain wrapped around that option. I thought I saw something more elaborate than that somewhere…where the blog was quite a separate area of the site and the concept seemed different but I don’t remember what it was now…so..this will work. Thanks.

    Ha…not at all, they thought it was funny…it was very funny πŸ™‚



    Oops I spoke too fast…

    Ok so I added a category to the menu, the last one on the far right

    Under More Fun

    The last menu item is “test post”

    But let’s say I want 7 “most recent posts” to show up on this “page” which isn’t a page but just a category.

    See what I mean? Like I want these category items which would be menu items to be like a “blog page” showing multiple posts within that category.

    Hmmmm…any ideas?

    Make them pages not posts and show only a particular category on that page and is there a way to say how many “posts” from a category show at at a time on that “page”?

    This is what I saw someone describe perfectly that I now have lost the thread about darn it.



    Do both posts belong to the same category (test posts)?

    Look here:

    This is my main blog category. Is this what you are wanting it to look like?



    yes! That idea anyway. Yes they would be in the same category.

    Love your new follow icons…very cute!



    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Well, that’s strange. I wonder if any of the page navigation stuff you are using is causing this to break?



    Well maybe I’m doing it differently than you. Let’s make sure I understand.

    I made a category “test post”

    I made two posts, test #1 and test #2 and assigned them to that post.

    I made one PAGE and assigned it to that post.

    The posts show up in the standard nav for that category, but not the page.

    And only one post shows up when you click on that category.

    Do you have some other setting set somewhere that says like “show 6 posts at a time per category display” or something?

    I don’t think I have any navigation stuff activated anymore. I’m just using easy pagination for the pages. Can’t see that impacting this but I could be wrong.

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