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    Have you had any trouble lately using Firefox? It seems like every time I do a google search, or open up blog pages, Firefox will get sluggish and eventually stop responding.

    It happens a lot when viewing other users’ sites from this forum.

    I’ve noticed it usually hangs when processing a lot of the social sharing media… like the bottom window will say something similar to “Transferring data from”. And then it hangs.

    Have you had any similar trouble? It seems especially common when viewing other blogs.



    Josh, sorry to butt in here, but I have the same problem ALL the time with many CMS built websites using Google Chrome. I thought maybe it was my service provider. And I still think it has something to do with my ISP. I could be wrong. What happens is that a site that I want to view will take some time to load and then will eventually give up. If I leave it for 5 minutes, it will then load as if nothing happened before. It’s really weird.




    I re-formatted my computer last night, hoping it would clear the problem. Unfortunately, even with a brand new operating install, firefox continued to struggle.

    I’m going to give Chrome a try. I hear a lot of people say pretty good things about it.

    However, firefox is like a kid to me… I’ve been using it ever since they came onto the scene.. and I’d love to resolve this issue.



    It’s definitely got nothing to do with your computer or any settings on your computer. It’s browser/isp/server related (or maybe a mixture of all three).

    I was a Firefox fan but I am no fan of version 6. It takes forever for it to load up. I think they might have gone to version 7 recently? I’m afraid to go near it.

    Google on the other hand, loads instantaneously. I love it.



    Does chrome have a feature similar to firefox’s firebug? Something that allows you to tweak css and html files on the fly?



    Not that I am aware of. Google is quite a stripped down browser that is optimized for browsing the net. It doesn’t have all the plug-in features that Firefox has. And I believe that is what makes it so fast. Maybe you should use Google for surfing and firefox for tweaking websites on the fly?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yeah, Google has “Inspect Element” built in. (And a lot of other features, including Private Browsing, which they call an “Incognito Window” — that’s how you get people to use your product: include all the same features but use different names so they can’t find them!)

    BUT, I have had this weird thing ever since I upgraded to FF 6 — it just hangs and says “Firefox is not responding”. This is annoying. I thought this had something to do with FF 6, since I get it at home, at my parents’ house, and at all the libraries I use.

    Version 7 of Firefox is ready. I’ll try that and if I have the same problem I’ll go back to 5 and see what happens. If that takes care of it, I’ll send the data to Mozilla and let them look at it.



    Well, I’m using firefox 7 and it’s having the issue. It is definitely annoying!!

    I tried installing chrome, but it’s not wanting to connect to the internet. I know my firewalls, and I know that’s not the issue…. idk.

    God, please tell me I’m not going to have to go back to explorer (AAAHHHHH).


    Kenneth John Odle


    Explorer? But how would you browse the web? 😉



    You know, it’s not too often I actually “laugh my a## off out loud”… “LMAOOL”??… from reading a message on the computer.

    But that one did the trick. I’m glad no one was here to see it (looks over shoulder).

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